Welcome to Armavir city

Dear colleagues, partners and residents of the Municipal Formation,

Armavir is one of the largest cities in the Krasnodar Region with a diversified economy. Today, our city can by right be considered a center of railway engineering. A wide range of products is manufactured in the territory of the city: from automation systems and traffic light equipment to freight wagons and cisterns. Chemical industry enterprises manufacture rubber and plastic products used in various sectors of national economy. A significant role in ArmavirТs economy is accounted for the production of sunflowerseed oil and confectionery products. And our enterprises are the only ones in the south of Russia in manufacturing freight wagons and electric motors of low power. The products of Armavir enterprises are known both in Russia and abroad.

Modern Armavir is a large city with a developed industry; it is a powerful transport hub and one of the most important administrative and cultural centers in the Krasnodar Region and the only large city in its eastern part. The positive dynamics of the social and economic development of the city of Armavir, the built-up production potential and the transport infrastructure create the necessary conditions for further development.

The total volume of industrial production in 2016 amounted to more than 29.4 billion rubles, and the dynamics of industrial production is 99.6%.

A growth rate in the manufacturing industry is 95.7%, in pulp and paper production is 113.6%, in rubber production is 123.5%, and that one in the production of machinery and equipment is 104.3%.

Currently, attracting investment in the city is one of the most important conditions for its successful development. Following the results of 2017, the volume of investment is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles. The investment demand is significant in such sectors as housing construction, industry, and infrastructure construction including: social, road and municipal infrastructure.

The industrial sector of the city assimilated 67.5% of the total investments in 2016.

The development of the priority areas of the economic and social spheres for the city will be continued in the implementation of projects in the manufacturing industry for the production of furniture components by Europostforming LLC, for creating the manufacturing smoke pipes by AZGA LLC, for creating the bakery production by the IE Vanyan G.R., and for the modernization of manufacturing confectionery products by the Elza Trading and Commercial Enterprise LLC. Agreements of intents to implement investment projects on constructing a greenhouse complex in Pervomayskiy Farm with an area of 6.7 hectares, and constructing a workshop for boning meat and the production of semi-finished products were concluded in the agricultural complex of the MF Armavir City.

Agreements for the construction of the Ophthalmology Clinic for Microsurgery of the Superzreniye  High Technology Center Named After Academician S.N. Fyodorov, and the construction of a sports and recreation complex and the development of the sports base of the Armavir Stadium were concluded in the social sphere of the MF Armavir City.

The implementation of projects to create a logistics center that provides for the construction of a complex of facilities with modern equipment and a cargo terminal for specialized trucks near the Kavkaz Federal Highway aimed at the diversification of the cityТs economy. The development of transport infrastructure, the construction of a specialized logistics complex on a good transport interchange based on using modern storage, sorting and shipping technologies, will enable to solve problems of delivering products to a consumer with establishing optimal costs for transportation and storage.

The implementation of investment projects in 2017 allowed creating nearly 67 new jobs in Armavir.

93 investment projects have been implemented in the territory of the Municipal Formation Armavir City over the past five years. The main areas of investment were as follows: establishing new production facilities and modernization of existing ones, the development of the service sphere, trade, the agro-industrial complex and the social sphere. Among the projects having been implemented, the most interesting and demonstrating the level of investment are as follows:

  • Start of the production of a complete cycle of assembling BaltGaz NEVA 24 Turbo water-heating boilers of new generation; 137.3 million rubles were invested in the development of production;
  • Establishing the production of iron casting by Apolinariya LLC with a capacity of 1.5 thousand tons per year; 153.2 million rubles were invested;
  • Creation of a new production for manufacturing polymeric building bars by Avtomatika ZhD PG LLC; 30.0 million rubles were invested;
  • Implementation of the project for manufacturing hollow core slabs by the Belgian technology by Domostroitel OJSC with a capacity of 125 thousand m per year; the volume of capital investments amounted to 180.0 million rubles;
  • Construction of two block-modular boiler houses, three block boiler houses with a total capacity of 2.77 Gcal/h, heating networks with a length of almost two thousand meters and supplying utility lines. In total, 469.0 million rubles were invested by Gazpromteploenergo for the implementation of this project.

Significant funds were directed to the modernization of the production facilities of ELTEZA OJSC, Kubanzheldormash CJSC, Metropolis LLC, Sloyanka LLC and other industrial enterprises.

The implementation of major projects for the construction of the "Red Square" Shopping and Entertainment Complex, the "Lenta-25" Shopping Center and the "Magnit" hypermarket were facilitated the development of the consumerТs market of the Municipal Formation Armavir City. The volume of investments amounted to 2.20 billion rubles.

The Northern Residential District of Armavir received its development through the implementation of projects on housing construction, improvement and implementation of projects in the social sphere.

And today, it is necessary to provide entrepreneurs and investors with any support within the assigned powers for growing the economy of the Municipal Formation and creating conditions for the attraction of investments and their efficiency. To solve the problems of creating good opportunities for the implementation of projects and business development, the work of all the structural divisions of the Administration of Armavir City will be directed, and all concluded agreements will confirm their viability and reality.

In order to increase the investment attractiveness of the territory and improve the entrepreneurial climate, the Municipal Formation carries out the work in the following areas:

By the Resolution of the Armavir City Duma No. 108 of November 25, 2010, the strategy of the investment development of the Municipal Formation Armavir City until 2020 was approved. The main directions of the cityТs investment development, a strategic plan, goals, objectives of the investment development of the city of Armavir, the mechanism for implementing the investment strategy development, as well as measures to ensure the implementation of the strategy were approved within the strategy.

An Investment Memorandum was adopted to promote investment cooperation and promote investment projects in the city of Armavir. It defines the key tasks of the Administration of the MF Armavir City in the sphere of investment and entrepreneurial activity, fixes the fundamental principles of interaction with subjects of investment and entrepreneurial activity, informs about the main directions of implementing the investment policy of the MF Armavir City and guarantees of the rights of investment and business entities operating in the city of Armavir.

An analysis of practices implemented and successfully functioning in the territories of other Municipal Formations in various constituent entities of the Russian Federation was carried out to improve the investment attractiveness of the city of Armavir and attract new investors, as well as to fully cover the best municipal practices.

A land plot of 41 hectares has been formed in the territory of the Northern Industrial Zone of the city of Armavir within the project for creating an industrial park.

Support of investment projects in the form of consulting, information, and organizational assistance to an investor aimed at implementing the investment project and achieving the following objectives by the investor is regulated in accordance with the Resolution No. 2600 of October 28, 2016 "On Approving the Procedure for Support of Investment Projects, Being Implemented and (or) Intending to Be Implemented in the territory of the Municipal Formation Armavir City".

The Law of the Krasnodar Region of July 2, 2004 No. 731-KZ "On State Stimulation of Investment Activities in the Krasnodar Region" is a fundamental regional normative document.

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 6 of this Law, the provision of state support to the subjects of investment activities in the territory of the Krasnodar Region shall be carried out in the following forms:

1) approval of an investment project for the purpose of applying tax benefits established by the legislation of the Krasnodar Region for investors implementing the approved investment project;

2) providing an investment tax credit;

3) providing on a competitive basis of state guarantees of the Krasnodar Region;

4) providing budgetary investments to legal entities, which are not state and municipal institutions and state and municipal unitary enterprises;

5) providing subsidies from the regional budget in accordance with the state programs of the Krasnodar Region and (or) other regulatory legal acts of the Krasnodar Region;

6) providing budgetary allocations of the investment fund of the Krasnodar Region for the implementation of investment projects on principles of public and private partnership.

By appealing to our potential partners, I want to emphasize that our city is open to investors. We are ready for a long-term mutually beneficial partnership for the benefit of the city, region, country and every resident. Welcome to Armavir with new initiatives, investments and projects.

Head of the Municipal Formation Armavir City
Kharchenko Andrey Yurievich